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Dr. Terese Taylor’s medical practice welcomes licensed aesthetician Jessica Lampitt, a Fort Myers native with more than 18 years of skincare and hair removal expertise. Jessica will expand upon the beauty and wellness services offered to clients with facials, dermaplaning, eyebrow tinting (etc.) Jessica is certified in numerous procedures and brings a charismatic personality and expert level of service, care, and commitment to clients.

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Aesthetician Services Offered

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Love it or not, unwanted hair is a part of our everyday life. Traditional hair removal methods like shaving or hair removal creams can leave the skin irritated and cause the hair to grow thicker and darker. Waxing is an effective approach to removing unwanted hair and leaving the skin smooth and hairless. It acts as an exfoliant and will drastically change the consistency of your hair by removing the hair directly from the follicle. The hairs will regrow thinner and slower because of the wax removal method. Waxing means no more shaving cuts, irritation of the skin, and fewer ingrown hairs. Feel smooth, sexy, and flawless again by waxing away the imperfections.

Note: Discontinue use of retinol products 5-7 prior to Facial, Waxing, and Sugaring


Unwanted hair is a reality of life, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Sugaring can be a natural alternative to waxing. Sugaring uses all-natural ingredients like lemon, sugar, and water to remove the hair in the direction of natural hair growth. Extracting directly from the root leaving your skin smooth and hairless. The natural ingredients lead to a permanent reduction of hair growth and less hair breakage. If you want a more natural, permeant hair removal alternative, sugaring is the way to go. After the sugaring process is completed, you will feel confident, powerful and ready to take on the day.

Note: Discontinue use of retinol products 5-7 prior to Facial, Waxing, and Sugaring


Facials involve massaging the face muscles and deeply cleansing your skin. By relaxing and massaging the facial muscles, it helps blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will slow the onset of wrinkles. Facials will also leave your skin looking young and replenished by reducing puffiness and preventing sagging in the face. A monthly facial can reduce stress, cleanse your skin, and prevent aging and wrinkles. It is important to put your best face forward, and by caring for your face, you can prevent aging and wrinkles.

Note: Discontinue use of retinol products 5-7 prior to Facial, Waxing, and Sugaring


Dermablading is the process of gently scraping away dead skin cells and peach fuzz hairs to give your face a smoother, brighter complexation. This process removes dead skin cells and those hard-to-reach extra-fine hairs. Dermablading is used to exfoliate the skin and lighten preexisting wrinkles on the face. This unique hair removal process is not limited to anyone. Even individuals with skin conditions or sensitive skin can use this hair removal process without experiencing adverse effects. Put your best face forward and eliminate visible wrinkles with derma blading.

Eyebrow Tinting

Your eyebrows help accentuate the eyes and shape the face. They play an influential role in communication, and a good brow can transform your face. Eyebrow tinting is a pain-free process that will give your brows a clean, natural look. The tint will help shape your face and make the brows appear fuller and more symmetrical. This painless process will leave your brows looking natural, and results will last up to six weeks. A well-defined eyebrow can alter your appearance, and tinting your brows will leave you with lasting, beautiful symmetrical eyebrows.


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