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FAQ’s of Hair Restoration

Who are the best candidates for Low Level Light Laser Therapy?

LLLT is useful for hair loss in men and women, where the thinning tends to be diffuse. The treatment is also recommended for people who experience shedding, tired/dull/lifeless hair, changes in texture, and balding patches. We treat a range of ages, from 5-98 years old. For chemotherapy patients, treatment may begin six weeks after ending chemotherapy.

How does LLLT Work?

The LLLT treatment refers to the use of a red beam, or near infrared laser that has a wavelength of 650nm. Unlike lasers used in surgery, LLLT’s do not produce heat and do not burn the tissues they encounter. LLLT is also useful because treatment on the damaged tissue can induce a complex chain of physiological reactions to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration, while also reducing inflammation.

Are there any contraindications?

LLLT is not recommended for patients with the following conditions:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding patients
  • Patients with seizure disorders
  • Patients using certain photosensitizing medications
  • Active cancer patients

Will I need to follow a certain diet while being treated?

A diet of protein and fatty acids is what we recommend; this will be discussed in detail at your initial visit.

What vitamins should I be taking?

As part of our regimen, a pharmaceutical grade multi vitamin complex will be a part of the treatment. These are available for purchase at our office or online.

Tell me more about the treatment plan?

As part of our treatment plan, our patients will be provided with shampoos and conditioners that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate, palmitoyl ethanolamide, and DHEA. Vitamins, styling products, and proprietary topical serums will also be recommended throughout our process. The LLLT laser we use is compromised of 150 diodes, which use a red beam with a wavelength of 650nm. The diodes are placed in a hood fixture configured to surround the entire scalp. Eye protection will be provided during the LLLT treatments. The first two weeks of treatment, you will be treated three times per week for one hour. After the first couple weeks, and for the next fifty weeks, you will be treated twice a week for one hour. To document your process, we will use photo and microscopic evaluation every three months.

Is maintenance required after I complete a year of treatment?

Maintenance is not mandatory and varies on the progress of the individual. There are several options available which may be tailored to your specific needs.

How soon will I see results?

Typically, after a week, a change in texture and quality of hair is observed. A marked decrease in shedding is also observed as well. Results will vary between patients, but within six weeks the first person to notice will be your hair stylist. At the three months microscopic and photographic evaluation, patients are usually amazed by the drastic change.

Does my hair have to be clean before treatment? Do I need to restyle my hair after treatment?

Before or after treatment, hair does not need to be washed. The way you walk in is the way you will walk out, LLLT does not bother your preferred style.

If you are interested in low level laser therapy, or platelet rich plasma therapy, schedule a consultation or call Dr. Taylor’s office at 239-540-9918.