Proven to last up to 1 year, NovaThread® is a non-surgical method to improve or lift practically any area on the face or body.

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What is NovaThread®?

NovaThread is a non-surgical, with almost no downtime, method to improve or lift practically any area on the face or body. With no cuts or incisions involved, NovaThreads are needles pre-loaded with a Polydioxanone (PDO) thread that is injected into the interstitial tissue at a subdermal level parallel to the skin and then pulled out leaving the PDO under the skin. The PDO stimulates the production of collagen and the skin structure created with the NovaThreads will hold for up to 12 months.

Dr. Terese Taylor, a board-certified family medicine physician, is here to offer the new procedure to you today! NovaThread is frequently used in many biomedical applications because of its ability to become fully absorbed in the body typically within 4-6 months, and it does not create any scar tissue.

NovaThreads specialize in improving the look of three main areas: the Lips/Jaw, the Neck, and the Cheeks. There are two different techniques for treatment, the Nova-Mesh, and the Nova-Lyft. The Nova-Mesh includes three quick and straightforward procedures. The Nova-Lyft procedure is simple and fast as well but does require more skills when using the unidirectional barbed threads, due to the bigger gauge of the needle used, and the deeper layer of insertion of the threads.

Different Specializations of NovaThreads®

Terese Taylor M.D. - Cape Coral Doctor - Nova Threads Body ChartNovaThread For the Lip/Jaw

The first technique for the lips includes the Nova-Mesh method called the EZ-Lip Fill technique. This process involves a straightforward lip enhancement process using NOVATHREADS Smooth, which offers slight enhancement, and NOVATHREADS Twist, which adds a little more volume. Unlike fillers, there are no worries about injecting equivalent quantities, and as a result, the outcome is always symmetric. Usually, no anesthesia is required. However numbing cream is available, if necessary. The procedure itself is short, lasting only five minutes, with the results lasting up to 3 months.

The second technique uses the Nova-Lyft process called the EZ-Jaw Lyft to create a real tightening or “skin-repositioning” for the jaw. The jaw area uses unidirectional barbed threads (barb1) which produce the lyfting effect after taking a position within the skin, as well as after a massage following removal of the needle. The lyfting and repositioning effect always occurs in an upwards fashion, following the direction of the needle entry point.

Terese Taylor M.D. - Cape Coral Doctor - NovaThreads Face ChartNovaThread For the Cheeks

The first technique for the cheeks, known as EZ-Cheek Mesh, includes placing a network of threads in the cheek on a more superficial layer and enhances the results, or volume, of deeper dermal filler injections. Five to ten of the NOVATHREADS Smooth are placed on each side. The procedure is very smooth to perform with no need to use anesthesia and lasts around 5 to 10 minutes. There is also no post-procedure bruising. The method is also used to create texture when the skin is thin, and not yet “ready” for an EZ-Cheek Lyft.

The EZ-Cheek Lyft is the second procedure used to improve the area through tightening of the skin. Bidirectional barbed threads (barb2) are used to accumulate or reposition the skin towards the middle of the area being treated or to spread the skin towards the ends on the threads. Removal of the needle creates a temporary tunnel, allowing the barbs to move. Massaging of the skin instantaneously positions the barb, and creates a shrinking versus spreading effect.

NovaThread For the Neck

The EZ-Neck Mesh technique is a unique process to improve the neck area with NovaThreads. This process involves placing a net of five to ten NOVATHREADS Smooth for reduction of submental sagging, chin lines, and correction of the “turkey neck.” Ten to fifteen NOVATHREADS Smooth can also be placed in the lower and lateral areas of the neck to smooth and equalize the area. Currently, there is no other procedure of this type. It can also be done combined with Botox to relax the neck’s platysmal cords along with erasing horizontal wrinkles. The procedure lasts around five to fifteen minutes.

The other technique used for the neck area is the EZ-Neck Lyft. There are two different specific areas where the bidirectional threads (barb2) can be used. The submental zone is the area where it is used to spread the skin towards the two threads’ exit points. The second area, the cleavage, appears when wrinkles due to breast augmentation or aging are present. These can also be improved with the EZ-Neck Lyft.

Dr. Taylor may discuss with you several alternatives to NovaThreads including:

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