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What is Lipoatrophy?

Lipoatrophy, the localized loss of fat tissue, is one aspect of the larger lipodystrophy syndrome. Lipoatrophy of the face – or lipodystrophy of the face – means wasting in the face. Lipodystrophy syndrome includes facial wasting, buffalo hump (when the fat pad in the back of the neck becomes enlarged), abdominal obesity and peripheral wasting – the loss of fat in the arms and legs. Patients who experience facial lipoatrophy describe the volume loss as highly stigmatizing, and it can lead to depression, occupational issues, and social isolation. The use of deep fillers has become an effective treatment strategy offered to HIV-positive patients who suffer from lipoatrophy.

How do we reduce Lipoatrophy?

image-hiv-volumizing-filler-before-afterTreatment of HIV-associated facial lipodystrophy requires a semi-permanent deep filler. The two products used most often are Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) and Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite crystals). Sculptra and Radiesse are the only fillers specifically approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy.

Radiesse and Sculptra Patient Assistance Programs

Merz North America’s “Radiesse Patient Access Program” and Galderma’s “Patient Assistance Program for Sculptra” provide access for patients who qualify for assistance. Qualifying patients may be eligible to purchase up to 6 syringes of Radiesse annually at a significantly reduced cost or may receive up to 4 vials of Sculptra every 18 months at reduced or no cost.

The two fillers can be used interchangeably, each offering distinct advantages for treating lipoatrophy. Depending on the severity of facial lipoatrophy, a customized treatment plan can be created to include one or both fillers.

Dr. Taylor is committed to helping people with HIV-associated lipoatrophy get through the stigma of appearing sick when they don’t feel sick. She has extensive experience injecting both Sculptra and Radiesse in HIV-associated lipoatrophy and charges a nominal injector fee on a per syringe or per vial basis. The office staff is available to assist with the required application process. Once the application has been received and approved by Galderma (Sculptra) or Merz (Radiesse), the medication will be shipped directly to our office. Our patient care coordinators will then contact you to set up an appointment.

Please contact our office for more information.

For the Radiesse Patient Access Program Application form, please click here.

For the Patient Assistance Program for Sculptra, please click here.

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