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Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Restoration

The low level laser therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss and hair restoration administered by Dr. Taylor. This treatment applies healing properties to hair, also known as photobiogenesis. This process promotes healing and occurs as laser light that is absorbed by cells to stimulate cell metabolism and improve blood flow, thereby stimulating hair follicles. The end result is hair improvement and hair regrowth. LLLT is useful for hair loss in men and women, where thinning tends to be diffuse. Dr. Taylor also recommends the treatment for people who experience shedding, tired/dull/lifeless hair, changes in texture, and balding patches. Treatment is available for a range of ages, from 5-98 years old. For chemotherapy patients, treatment may begin six weeks after ending chemotherapy. LLLT stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients; it also increases hair strength and elasticity. Low level laser therapy helps newly transplanted hair to thrive and promotes the healing process.


The LLLT treatment refers to the use of a red beam, or near infrared laser that has a wavelength of 650nm. Unlike lasers used in surgery, our low level lasers do not produce heat and do not burn the tissues they encounter. Low level laser therapy is also useful because treatment on the damaged tissue can induce a complex chain of physiological reactions to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration, while also reducing inflammation.


Treatment sessions consist of sitting under the light device for 60 minute periods, 2-3 times weekly. Dr. Taylor also recommends proprietary shampoos, conditioners, topical serums, and vitamins as part of the treatment program.

If you are interested in low level laser therapy, or platelet rich plasma therapy, schedule a consultation or call Dr. Taylor’s office at 239-540-9918.