Give your feet the break they deserve. The Baby Foot Easy Pack is the perfect, one-time solution your feet have been needing.

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Did you know the skin on your feet is thicker than any other body part? This is caused by dead skin accumulating because of the pressure, weight, and friction your feet encounter daily. While most people intend to take better care of their feet, they unintentionally compromise their health by standing too long, wearing uncomfortable shoes, playing sports, and so on. The Baby Foot Easy Pack is the perfect, one-time solution you’ve needed.

New skin cells are produced one after another and push old skin cells up to the surface, and the old skin peels off like dandruff, all in around a 28-day cycle. But most people’s feet are under pressure with excessive stimulation or overwork, which causes more dead skin cells to accumulate, making the skin unable to complete its turnover process. As a result, the skin on the sole of your feet can become hard, dry, rough, and cracked. This buildup can cause a foul odor, poor blood circulation, and more. Using a foot file or pumice stone to treat the dead skin can damage the surface of your sole or cause more accumulation of dead skin.

Baby Foot® – Easy Pack Solution

So, what is the best solution?

  • The Baby Foot Easy Pack: no filing or scrubbing, a one-time treatment.

This product gives impressive results in a single-use treatment. This Japanese product has been on the market for over 15 years and is considered one of Japan’s best-selling foot care products. Baby Foot consists of 17 natural extracts that not only peel dead skin but double as a moisturizer and will help maintain the texture of your skin. The main ingredient is fruit acid, which has been used as a folk remedy to eliminate bacteria, inflammation, and psoriasis for hundreds of years. This compound is made mainly from acidic fruits to help peel away years of stress one layer at a time. This layer-by-layer process will help reduce many problems associated with using your feet. Some of these problems include:

  • Back pain
  • Soreness
  • Inflammation of veins

There are many other possible side effects to standing all day. While for many standing all day is a necessity. Living through the pains of standing all day does not have to be a necessity. Contact Dr. Taylor of Cape Coral today to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-soaking your feet will help to expedite the peeling process.

In most cases, the skin is fine due to the natural extracts. However, you may have some redness.

No, the dead skin will peel naturally.

You may do another treatment as soon as two weeks after your initial treatment, then repeat every one or two months.

Baby Foot is an additional treatment for your feet. We still love to have our toes polished, and our feet massaged! However, pedicures do not remove the dead layer of skin, and the friction caused by scraping the dead skin cells can create a vicious spiral of accumulating dead skin cells.

Nail polish or shellac is not usually affected.

Yes, but the peeling will be on the palms of your hands.

For feet in healthy condition, no. If you have a foot fungus, Baby Foot has helped improve it, but you might experience some stinging depending on the state of your feet. If you have any open cuts, do not use.

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